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Walking Pendle

Summer 2015

It’s been a frantic summer with a tremendous amount happening. I spent a chunk of it in Greece, teaching a suspense writing course in Athens with a  great group of students, and then traveling in Crete. I also got to revisit one of my favorite places in the world, Delphi, whose temples I last visited the year I sold my first novel, The Mask of Atreus. Throughout, I was writing furiously, and the current work in progress looks set to be by far the longest novel I’ve ever written. I can’t say much abut that one yet because we’re keeping it all under wraps, but I can say that’s part of my collaboration with Tom DeLonge (of Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves) and will appeal to fans of X-Files type thrillers. It should be out spring 2016.



As part of the project, I spent a few days in DC with Tom, Peter Levenda, and a film crew, shooting interviews with some Serious People. Details to come…

Cathedrals of Glass book 1: Planet of Blood and Ice, the first of my new YA scifi series won’t be out this year as had been planned, appearing instead late 2016. The delay comes from some exciting developments regarding some innovative marketing strategies and supporting materials which I’ll announce as soon as things firm up.

Last but not least, I’m delighted to announce that Steeplejack, the first of my YA fantasy series set in a world loosely resembling Victorian South Africa, will come out a little earlier than anticipated. Tor have confirmed that book 1 will be released in June 2016, with two more books to follow in the series. So while I have nothing new out this year, I’ll have 3 new books out in 2016, and 3 more each year in 2017 and 2018. Going to be a busy boy.

I spent some time in my home town of Preston, in England, where I was delighted to receive an honorary fellowshipfrom the University of Central Lancashire and spoke at the graduation ceremony.

The rest of the visit was spent walking the hills and lanes of the Ribble valley and Pendle hill. The land I love. And I got to watch North End win a preseason game.





For the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing frantically on the current (semi secret [or do I mean secret?]) novel and editing a couple of different academic projects (an essay collection on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar for Arden and another which is still in the developmental stages).

Lastly, let me share this lovely award that David Hewson and I received in commemoration of our Hamlet novel winning Audible’s Book of the Year for 2014. Lovely, isn’t it?

Hoping that the summer has been kind to you.


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AJ and Tom doing research in Phoenix

The Short Version…

Another long silence, mostly because there was too much stuff I couldn’t talk about. There’s still some which I have to keep under wraps a while longer but I can announce two new books! The first one to be released will be available in September, exclusively (for a while) through To The Stars, and in …

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